On the pursuit of Limitless


the product of boredom:

I started this blog at a point in time when I was bored for 80% of my workday.  I used to be heavily immersed in creative activities (writing, dance, and some sketching on the side) when I was younger, and as soon as the academics and professional life picked up, I dropped all of them. 

Unknowingly, my job became my primary identity.

I came back from work one day, realizing that I now had a predictable routine--something I tried to avoid for several years.

Wake up, work, gym, sleep. Repeat. I've always believed that routine is the one-way ticket to Boredom.

Out came the laptop and the credit card, and this blog was born. So why Outdoor Karma? Let's split the title into two.

The Outdoors:

In my free time (i.e. weekends) I flee to the mountains, lakes, oceans....anything that is outdoors. I crave the freedom and  lack of societal supervision out in the wild. Every minuscule problem melts the moment I step foot on the trail. A lot of my reflections are developed during my trips, and subsequently make it on this little online portal.


One of my nicknames used to be Karma (it just rhymed well). But it also fit well in what I'm trying to convey through my posts. I am starting to understand how closely connected all of our actions are and the effect a good or bad action can have several links down the chain. I try to make a conscious effort to do as much good (whatever that may mean) as possible.

The Pursuit of Limitless:

Maybe my parents are overachievers, but they decided to bestow upon me a name with a hefty meaning: limitless

I've come to embrace that meaning in my outdoor and personal adventures by constantly seeking situations that make me uncomfortable. I live by the idea that if we fear what we do, we grow.

And grow I shall, for the boundary is limitless.

Read on as I navigate the world beyond the desk and computer and incorporate a heavy dose of creativity back into my life. 


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