Finding Love in a Backyard

I don't go to weddings that often. In fact, I've only been to 3 weddings in my entirety--quite uncommon for one of Indian descent. By now, I should have probably witnessed 20 of my cousins tie the knot and 4 of my friends follow suit. 

But this is where quality trumps quantity, big time. Each of the weddings I've been to have been some of the most emotionally charged moments I've gotten to witness (...maybe it helped that there was abundant champagne). 

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of watching my aunt finally get married. From the moment we found out that she was engaged to when the wedding invitations were sent out all felt like a crazy blur--probably because this all occurred within the time span of 3 months. 

Despite how quick it all progressed, I felt so lucky I got front row seats to get a glimpse at how love transforms people. I've never seen her smile or laugh so often; she could not help herself from crying because she was so overwhelmed with pure happiness. 

And while sitting in one of the 20 white plastic chairs in her friend's backyard, with burnt-orange leaves floating through the autumn breeze, I felt warm tears trailing down my face.

We ask ourselves what are we doing here, what is the meaning of life, what are we working for...there may not ever be definitive answers. But when one finds love, those questions don't really matter anymore. The pain, confusion and questioning of the world disappears when love begins to infiltrate one's mind. Just by watching their simple backyard wedding, I momentarily forgot the despair of recent events and was fully immersed in two strangers who met at a Christmas party fusing their lives. 

I plan to hold on to that memory as much as can, and can't wait to experience more of them.

Friends, get married soon please.