My 2017 Report Card

Remember what it was like to check your final report card online? There's the mounting dread that the curve may not have worked out in your favor, and everyone is going to ask you about what grade you got and you'd never get a job because you got one B+? 

I think I still have nightmares about those moments. There was so much pressure to achieve the highest grade, when in the end, the effects of a good grade were minute. A high grade in O-Chem means nothing when you walk into your first job or first big presentation. 

However, when it comes to internal goals, I've loosened the belt. I set lofty personal goals to push myself out of my comfort zone. I may not achieve everything, but at least I tried

So, let's see how I did on my 2017 goals:

Here's my 2017 Report Card:

·      Go on my first mountaineering adventure (for those of you who don't know, that means crossing glaciers with ice axes and shit)—Yes!

·      Try surfing— Yes!

·      Explore Iceland— Yes!

·      Don't dye my hair ever again.....— Yes!

·      Go canyoneering (rappelling through canyons) in Utah—This never happened :( But it will in 2018!

·      Snowboard like mad (that means more than 2x in a year for me)— Yes!

·      Backpack/hike through the Narrows, Grand Canyon, Colorado and Glacier National Park—Partially...never got to make it out to Utah or Arizona

·      Climb Half Dome and Mt Whitney again—Yes!

·      Take my family on a surprise trip—Sadly no. I've tried but there are a lot of internal forces from allowing me to do so. To be honest, I don't even know how probable this goal is. 

·      Weave altruism into my travels—No, but I am planning this


So that leaves me with a score of 6.5/10. Definitely worse than a B, but I'll take it.