A Letter To Myself: #1

I thought these letters to myself would be fun to look back on as the months go by. I tend to be hard on myself on a lot of aspects, but now it's time to reflect on what I think I am proud of. We all need to give ourselves high-fives more often. 

Dear Me,

Congrats! You are a millennial thriving in a world of crypto-currencies, Instagram-famous dogs and unicorn lattes. You have taken considerable risks this year--in fact, a few more risks than you anticipated. While many people you know are going down one path, you have finally followed your gut and taken another. You've resolved that awful restless feeling you've had for a while. You have realized that what works for others may not be the best option for you right now. Most importantly, what you know is best for yourself may not sound glamorous to others. And you are learning to be OK with that; you have no obligation to please others.

Right now, you're still learning how to deal with having too many passions and interests and juggling them all with fluidity. Career has no longer become the single measure of happiness for you--something that has taken you 3 years to understand. While you've realized that you become bored easily and require constant challenge and enjoy reaching/exceeding goals, you don't want to lose sight of what really has provided layers and depth to what once was a monotonous life. You are finally discovering what is worth working hard for. 

You long for the days and nights spent outside with a growing intensity. You miss the feeling of walking into a part of the world that is sealed off from the tragedies, social norms and financial rat races. You crave working hard to get stronger, more resilient and overcome your restrictions. You miss, and love, being uncomfortable. 

You've experienced a cornucopia of emotions. Fear, excitement, anxiety, nostalgia, love, bravery, anxiety (again) and....longing. Missing someone or something isn't easy, and you haven't entirely understood how to handle it. You feel it in full force all too often and let the feeling saturate for too long. You are riding a sinusoidal wave of emotional inflections, and haven't done much to try to get off of it. Maybe try and work on that a little bit. 

Lastly, you're being more creative. Writing, reading, idea generation...something about the risks helped you regain that creative mindset you nourished years ago.

You've harvested the growth that sprouts from a life change and listening to your instincts; run with it and keep going upwards.  

Until next time,