I Hate Being an Adult

I don't think I like being an adult. Mostly because I feel like I have not mastered that title yet. 

As I transitioned from sporting the label as a naiive college student to a working young professional, somewhere along the way I've had to assume the "Adult" job title as well. We all have to at one point.

It's simply a rule in order to play the game of Life fairly.

After graduating, there have been many times when I've wanted to rip apart the rule book of Life to shred and enjoy the simplicity of a child-like mindset. Don't make your own decisions, just listen to what everyone else tells you. Your parents will figure out your problems for you.

Lately, I've had to make some really tough decisions. Maybe one day I'll shed some more light on what I've had to battle in my mind, but for now just realize that I've been thrown into a whirlpool of confusion. I'm just barely staying afloat, gasping for air after long intervals of being submerged in disorder.

Part of my semi-drowning state is because I have refused accept the job of being an Adult. I'm not ready for that full-blown promotion in Life. I'm struggling to find a medium between knowing what I want and planning what I want--I am terrified of planning out goals due to the possibility that I won't reach them.

These past days have targeted a spotlight on a stage where I am expected to perform my Adult act and yet I've failed to entertain the audience of Life.

I'll never lose the free spirit that drives much of my spontaneous decisions. But the alarm has sounded, loud and clear. Time to be an Adult.