What Have I Done With My Time

Half of the year has dissolved in front of my eyes. As I get older, my perception of time becomes more pronounced. I focus on the invisible grains of sands filtering through the hourglass, hoping that my intense attention will slow them down. But the opposite occurs—I see them speeding faster and faster and I feel as if I am being pulled into the hourglass with them.

I often think that once my time through the hourglass is almost done (i.e. when I am old and time is finally in tune with my cadence), I want to look at my collection of memories as if they were jewels in a treasure box (actually, the more appropriate simile for me would be chocolate in a candy box). I feel restless when idling my time—it’s like wasting money in my eyes. This is why I’m always on the run, trying new things and seeing new places.

So on that note, let’s see how well I made use of my first 6 months of the year.

#TBT to my 2017 Wishlist:

·      Go on my first mountaineering adventure (for those of you who don't know, that means crossing glaciers with ice axes and shit)—Yes!

·      Try surfing— Yes!

·      Explore Iceland— Yes!

·      Don't dye my hair ever again.....— Yes!….maybe

·      Go canyoneering (rappelling through canyons) in Utah—This will happen

·      Snowboard like mad (that means more than 2x in a year for me)— Yes!

·      Backpack/hike through the Narrows, Grand Canyon, Colorado and Glacier National Park—Planned….definitely won’t do all of this

·      Climb Half Dome and Mt Whitney again (due to a certain request)—This will happen

·      Take my family on a surprise trip—This will happen

·      Weave altruism into my travels—Haven’t weaved it into travels, but I have encouraged friends to start donating! Does that count?

Alright, so 7/11 so far. Here’s to setting goals and going through with the commitment. And that’s saying a lot for someone who tends to bail on plans on a disappointingly regular basis.

Let's see what comes my way in the second half of the hourglass' spin.