Thoughts on Turning 25

Ugh. I'm not ready to write this post. I had probably one of the best years of my life as a 24 year-old, so I'm being whiny and annoying about adding another number to my life clock. It's hard to move on from that carefree and magical year.

In any case, I did celebrate...quietly. I had my most important friends and family wish me and enjoyed sushi with some great people in my life. Although it was nothing like how I celebrated last year, it was exactly what I wanted.

Thinking back to when I was 13, 25 seemed so old. And yet, here I am, back in my childhood room writing this post and still feeling like I am 13.

I probably expected to have so much down by the time I turned 25 including:

  1. My Own Home--I couldn't be further from that idea. I don't even desire to have my own home anymore. 
  2. Kids--Pass on this one.
  3. A Career Passion--I have a career and I have passions. I'm proud to even have both of them separately, because I know people who don't have much they are passionate about. But blending them together has been on my mind for so long, and I don't think I am there yet. 
  4. A Super Sick Car--I've had hand-me-down vehicles the past 3 years I've been driving (which I'm super thankful for!), but never have purchased one of my own. Maybe I should check that off of this list soon....
  5. An Intellectual Past-time--I don't know, for some reason when I was 13 I thought I would be really into law or politics. I have no predilection for either currently. 

What I can tell you that I have at this point of this show that is called Life is a deeper understanding of love (of various kinds), passions that span various categories and a healthier mindset regarding self-confidence and self-care. I've struggled with all of these facets for a long time, and have now been able to pin them down. 

Here's to accepting aging as another way to gain more experiences and a reminder to make time to explore it all.